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DSCF5200 (3648x2736, 2,465kb)

Complete collection of The Oz Book Series

Fourteen Volume Set


dane whitehead 108 (3648x2736, 2,435kb)

Paris Cafe, Artist: Antonie Blanchard


DSCF5001 (480x640, 123kb)

Street Scene, Artist: Alfredo Candela


DSCF5004 (640x480, 115kb)

Moulin Rouge, Artist: Antoine

Blanchard -1101/3 X 9 1/2


DSCF5007 (640x480, 118kb) DSCF5008 (640x480, 133kb)

Horse & Carriage,Artist: Carlos

Vargas - 12 X 16


DSCF5010 (640x480, 128kb)

DSCF5011 (640x480, 130kb)

Trees - Artist: Alfred Jansson,

circa, 1921 - 20 1/4 X 16 1/4



DSCF5012 (640x480, 128kb)

Dutch Steet Scene, Artist: Dela Vega


DSCF5013 (640x480, 130kb)

Norweigen Street Scene,: Artist: Chimidynski


DSCF5014 (640x480, 128kb)

Ocean Scene,


DSCF5015 (480x640, 128kb)

Dutch Scene,Artist: Collonda


DSCF5016 (480x640, 128kb)

Madona & Child, Artist: Charles Banks Wilson


DSCF5017 (640x480, 129kb)

Coca-Cola, Artist: Jim Harrison


DSCF5018 (640x480, 133kb)

Grosbeak, Artist: Robert Bateman


DSCF5019 (480x640, 128kb)

Indian Scout, Artist: Ernesto Zepeda


DSCF5020 (480x640, 122kb)

Indian Matriach, Artist: Ernesto Zepeda


DSCF5021 (480x640, 127kb)

Indian Shaman, Artist: Ernesto Zepedaa


DSCF5022 (480x640, 122kb)

Mountain Man, Artist: Ernesto Zepeda


DSCF5024 (640x480, 123kb)

Old Hickory's Cabin, Michael Sloan,

Remarque, c.1982


 cshF5032 (480x640, 119kb) cshF5033 (480x640, 130kb)

Emmet Kelley

Title: Cabbage

Artist: Samatha Wall

16 X 20 inches

$800.00 OBO

Bob Oliver

Antique Pewter and Brass Collection

Sold as a single collection only

$36,000.00 OBO

toCF5102 (3648x2736, 2,464kb) toCF5103 (3648x2736, 2,431kb) toCF5104 (3648x2736, 2,471kb) toCF5105 (3648x2736, 2,422kb) toCF5106 (3648x2736, 2,418kb) toCF5107 (3648x2736, 2,450kb) toCF5108 (3648x2736, 2,438kb) toCF5109 (3648x2736, 2,421kb) toCF5110 (3648x2736, 2,411kb) toCF5111 (3648x2736, 2,450kb) toCF5112 (3648x2736, 2,462kb) toCF5113 (3648x2736, 2,409kb) toCF5114 (3648x2736, 2,431kb) toCF5115 (3648x2736, 2,428kb) toCF5116 (3648x2736, 2,451kb) toCF5117 (3648x2736, 2,457kb) toCF5118 (3648x2736, 2,469kb) toCF5119 (3648x2736, 2,446kb) toCF5120 (2736x3648, 2,482kb) toCF5121 (2736x3648, 2,443kb) toCF5122 (2736x3648, 2,455kb) toCF5123 (3648x2736, 2,463kb) toCF5124 (3648x2736, 2,455kb) toCF5125 (3648x2736, 2,466kb) toCF5126 (3648x2736, 2,457kb) toCF5127 (3648x2736, 2,426kb) toCF5128 (3648x2736, 2,455kb) toCF5129 (2736x3648, 2,452kb) toCF5130 (2736x3648, 2,434kb) toCF5131 (3648x2736, 2,438kb) toCF5132 (3648x2736, 2,434kb) toCF5133 (3648x2736, 2,463kb) toCF5134 (3648x2736, 2,462kb) toCF5135 (3648x2736, 2,438kb) toCF5136 (3648x2736, 2,431kb) toCF5137 (2736x3648, 2,445kb) toCF5138 (3648x2736, 2,433kb) toCF5139 (3648x2736, 2,461kb) toCF5140 (3648x2736, 2,452kb) toCF5141 (3648x2736, 2,477kb) toCF5142 (3648x2736, 2,465kb) toCF5143 (3648x2736, 2,419kb) toCF5144 (3648x2736, 2,440kb) toCF5145 (3648x2736, 2,423kb) toCF5146 (3648x2736, 2,436kb) toCF5147 (3648x2736, 2,440kb) toCF5148 (3648x2736, 2,445kb) toCF5149 (3648x2736, 2,454kb) toCF5150 (3648x2736, 2,473kb) toCF5151 (3648x2736, 2,445kb) toCF5152 (3648x2736, 2,417kb) toCF5153 (3648x2736, 2,449kb) toCF5154 (3648x2736, 2,475kb) toCF5155 (3648x2736, 2,425kb) toCF5156 (3648x2736, 2,452kb) toCF5157 (3648x2736, 2,471kb) toCF5158 (3648x2736, 2,484kb) toCF5159 (3648x2736, 2,449kb) toCF5160 (3648x2736, 2,436kb) toCF5161 (3648x2736, 2,416kb) toCF5162 (3648x2736, 2,472kb) toCF5163 (3648x2736, 2,431kb) toCF5164 (3648x2736, 2,461kb) toCF5165 (3648x2736, 2,439kb) toCF5167 (3648x2736, 2,437kb) toCF5168 (3648x2736, 2,455kb) toCF5169 (3648x2736, 2,428kb) toCF5170 (2736x3648, 2,428kb) toCF5171 (3648x2736, 2,435kb) toCF5172 (3648x2736, 2,462kb) toCF5173 (2736x3648, 2,452kb) toCF5174 (2736x3648, 2,430kb) toCF5175 (3648x2736, 2,418kb) toCF5176 (3648x2736, 2,423kb) toCF5177 (3648x2736, 2,428kb) toCF5178 (2736x3648, 2,464kb) toCF5179 (2736x3648, 2,442kb) toCF5180 (2736x3648, 2,403kb) toCF5181 (3648x2736, 2,450kb) toCF5182 (3648x2736, 2,445kb) toCF5183 (3648x2736, 2,438kb) toCF5184 (2736x3648, 2,430kb) toCF5185 (2736x3648, 2,428kb) toCF5186 (3648x2736, 2,463kb) toCF5187 (3648x2736, 2,440kb) toCF5189 (2736x3648, 2,439kb) toCF5190 (3648x2736, 2,450kb) toCF5191 (3648x2736, 2,447kb) toCF5192 (2736x3648, 2,413kb) toCF5193 (2736x3648, 2,451kb) toCF5194 (2736x3648, 2,408kb) toCF5195 (2736x3648, 2,404kb) toCF5196 (2736x3648, 2,423kb) toCF5197 (3648x2736, 2,429kb) toCF5198 (3648x2736, 2,451kb) toCF5199 (2736x3648, 2,459kb) toCF5200 (2736x3648, 2,427kb) toCF5201 (2736x3648, 2,413kb) toCF5202 (2736x3648, 2,407kb) toCF5203 (2736x3648, 2,442kb) toCF5204 (2736x3648, 2,441kb) toCF5205 (3648x2736, 2,468kb) toCF5206 (2736x3648, 2,460kb)



Antique Architectural Pieces

To be sold as individual pieces


  cshF5034 (640x480, 119kb) cshF5035 (480x640, 133kb) cshF5036 (480x640, 133kb) cshF5037 (480x640, 131kb) cshF5038 (480x640, 131kb) cshF5039 (480x640, 131kb) cshF5040 (480x640, 124kb) cshF5041 (640x480, 129kb) cshF5042 (640x480, 128kb) cshF5043 (640x480, 132kb) cshF5044 (480x640, 133kb) cshF5045 (640x480, 125kb) cshF5046 (640x480, 127kb) cshF5047 (480x640, 129kb) cshF5048 (640x480, 131kb) cshF5049 (640x480, 130kb) cshF5050 (480x640, 131kb) cshF5051 (480x640, 131kb) cshF5052 (480x640, 132kb) cshF5053 (480x640, 134kb) cshF5054 (480x640, 123kb) cshF5055 (640x480, 130kb) cshF5056 (640x480, 132kb) cshF5057 (480x640, 132kb) cshF5058 (480x640, 132kb) cshF5059 (640x480, 134kb) cshF5060 (640x480, 131kb) cshF5062 (480x640, 129kb) cshF5063 (640x480, 131kb) cshF5064 (480x640, 128kb) cshF5065 (480x640, 125kb) cshF5066 (480x640, 129kb) cshF5067 (640x480, 130kb) cshF5068 (640x480, 131kb) cshF5069 (640x480, 130kb) cshF5070 (480x640, 132kb) cshF5071 (480x640, 125kb) cshF5072 (480x640, 129kb) cshF5073 (480x640, 132kb) cshF5074 (480x640, 135kb) cshF5075 (480x640, 125kb) cshF5078 (640x480, 132kb) cshF5079 (480x640, 122kb) cshF5080 (480x640, 130kb) cshF5081 (640x480, 130kb) cshF5082 (640x480, 128kb) cshF5083 (640x480, 133kb) cshF5084 (640x480, 128kb) cshF5085 (640x480, 130kb) cshF5086 (640x480, 127kb) cshF5087 (640x480, 127kb) cshF5088 (480x640, 129kb) cshF5089 (480x640, 136kb) cshF5092 (640x480, 134kb) cshF5093 (480x640, 131kb) cshF5094 (480x640, 129kb) cshF5095 (640x480, 131kb) cshF5096 (640x480, 131kb) cshF5097 (480x640, 133kb) cshF5098 (480x640, 124kb) cshF5099 (480x640, 131kb) cshF5101 (480x640, 129kb) cshF5102 (480x640, 130kb) cshF5104 (640x480, 127kb) cshF5105 (640x480, 132kb) cshF5106 (640x480, 130kb) cshF5107 (480x640, 134kb) cshF5108 (640x480, 124kb) cshF5109 (640x480, 131kb) cshF5110 (480x640, 129kb) cshF5111 (640x480, 130kb) cshF5112 (640x480, 131kb) cshF5113 (640x480, 134kb) cshF5115 (640x480, 131kb) cshF5116 (480x640, 129kb) cshF5117 (480x640, 134kb) cshF5118 (480x640, 129kb) cshF5119 (480x640, 130kb) cshF5121 (640x480, 122kb) cshF5122 (640x480, 132kb) cshF5123 (640x480, 124kb) cshF5124 (480x640, 131kb) cshF5125 (480x640, 123kb) cshF5126 (480x640, 123kb) cshF5127 (640x480, 129kb) cshF5128 (480x640, 124kb) cshF5129 (480x640, 126kb) cshF5130 (480x640, 123kb) cshF5132 (480x640, 134kb) cshF5133 (640x480, 134kb) cshF5134 (640x480, 133kb) cshF5135 (640x480, 132kb) cshF5136 (640x480, 123kb) cshF5137 (640x480, 129kb) cshF5138 (640x480, 125kb) cshF5139 (640x480, 132kb) cshF5140 (640x480, 124kb) cshF5141 (640x480, 122kb) cshF5142 (640x480, 125kb) cshF5143 (640x480, 124kb) cshF5144 (480x640, 129kb) cshF5145 (480x640, 124kb) cshF5146 (480x640, 131kb) cshF5147 (480x640, 132kb) cshF5148 (480x640, 130kb) cshF5149 (640x480, 125kb) cshF5150 (640x480, 126kb) cshF5151 (480x640, 129kb) cshF5152 (640x480, 131kb) cshF5153 (480x640, 127kb) cshF5154 (480x640, 131kb) cshF5155 (480x640, 123kb) cshF5156 (640x480, 130kb) cshF5157 (480x640, 132kb) cshF5158 (480x640, 133kb) cshF5159 (480x640, 133kb) cshF5160 (480x640, 128kb) cshF5161 (480x640, 128kb) cshF5162 (480x640, 126kb) cshF5163 (480x640, 130kb) cshF5164 (480x640, 118kb)


Royal Albert England
Old Country Rose

DSCF5072 (3648x2736, 2,453kb)

Royal Albert England

Pattern: Old Country Rose

Twelve Place Setting

DSCF5083 (3648x2736, 2,466kb)

Royal Albert England

Pattern: Old Country Rose

Tea Set


Original Antique Hand carved Furniture

nh5230 (480x640, 128kb)

nh5232 (640x480, 131kb)

nh5233 (640x480, 130kb)

nh5234 (640x480, 129kb)

nh5235 (640x480, 128kb)

nh5236 (480x640, 130kb)

nh5237 (480x640, 128kb)

nh5238 (480x640, 131kb)

nh5239 (480x640, 131kb)

nh5240 (480x640, 132kb)

nh5241 (640x480, 130kb)

nh5242 (480x640, 127kb)

nh5243 (480x640, 129kb)

nh5244 (640x480, 131kb)

nh5245 (480x640, 123kb)

nh5246 (640x480, 122kb)

nh5247 (640x480, 128kb)

nh5248 (480x640, 124kb)

nh5249 (480x640, 126kb)

nh5251 (480x640, 123kb)

nh5253 (480x640, 118kb)

nh5254 (640x480, 127kb)

nh5255 (640x480, 133kb)

nh5256 (640x480, 119kb)

nh5257 (480x640, 129kb)

nh5258 (480x640, 136kb)

nh5259 (640x480, 132kb)

nh5260 (480x640, 130kb)

Winslow Homer

"Flower Garden and Bungalow"

ca. 1836 to 1910

Original Oil
Artist: Robert Moore


Artist: Jean Duffy

ca. 1888 to 1964



Silk Screen

"Baby Awake"

Artist: Marie Loak

Antique Print

"Baby Asleep"

Artist: Marie Loak

Antique Print

Oriental Silk

Artist: Tung Lai Chen

Herend Fox

la5314 (640x480, 129kb)

la5315 (640x480, 123kb)


Artist: Lee Adams

ca 1950

"Backwoods Country"

Artist: Lee Adams

ca 1950

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